GRAS Launches the Most Cost-efficient Production Line Microphone in the Market

New miniature production line microphone from GRAS is the first with revolutionary EQset™ technology, which translates into cost efficiency, ease of use and reduced risk of measurement error.

GRAS Sound & Vibration, part of Axiometrix Solutions, a global leader in test and measurement solutions, is today releasing a new production line microphone aimed at increasing efficiency and improving test accuracy in the consumer audio and telecom space.

The new GRAS 40PM EQset™ Miniature Production Line Microphone is a 20 kHz pressure microphone with a dynamic range of 30 dB (A) to 120 dB SPL (<3% THD), and importantly, the first microphone to include EQset technology—a revolutionary new advancement that guarantees fixed sensitivity and a flat response curve across all frequencies in every GRAS 40PM microphone, out of the box.

GRAS 40PM is an industry-standard size (a 34-mm long ¼″ microphone) production line microphone. But with the EQset capabilities and unmatched environmental stability, this microphone will benefit any production line and is especially appealing for entry level test settings with a focus on cost efficiency.

EQset provides each GRAS 40PM with a uniformly fixed sensitivity and flat curve. This “equalization” of every GRAS 40PM reduces measurement uncertainty and greatly simplifies microphone setup, monitoring, and replacement, and eliminates correction when setting up new production lines and replacing microphones on existing lines. The simplification of setup and other tasks also saves time, not only for the setup itself, but also for operator training. There is, however one additional benefit that outshines the time savings: GRAS 40PM with EQset all but eliminates the inherent risk of false passes and false failures on production lines.

An additional cost benefit of the uniformly fixed sensitivity and flat response curve of each GRAS 40PM is that, because there is no need to make individual corrections for each microphone, there is no need to store that correction information via TEDS. This enables GRAS 40PM production line microphones to be used effectively with systems based on audio sound cards using 48 V phantom power as well as any CCP-based system already in use, so there is no need for price-prohibitive new equipment or retooling of existing CCP-based systems.

Yet another benefit of GRAS 40PM with EQset is higher environmental stability as compared to other production line microphones. The new GRAS 40PM design reduces sensitivity variation to such an extent that, when used in typical production line conditions, compensation is completely unnecessary—further reducing the time needed for calculations and corrections and the associated risk of false passes and failures.

According to Rémi Guastavino, Director of Product Management at GRAS Sound & Vibration: “By introducing EQset technology, we are proving our commitment to constantly seek new, cost-efficient and highly accurate testing solutions across the world. Innovation is at our heart and EQset is only our latest step—the market can expect more to come from GRAS in the near future.”

EQset and the GRAS 40PM have already had overwhelming feedback after presentations to many acoustic and production experts in selected industries.

Read more about the EQset technology and GRAS 40PM here.

Download the press release here.